Ceramic coating is an intensive coating system that bonds the nano-coating to the car’s paint surface.  Once cured, this extra layer of protection gives your car a high-quality, long lasting shine that is inseparable from the paint for unbeatable defense you can’t find in regular clear coating.  With Nano coating, you  get a super sleek finish made possible by the exclusive glass coating for a shiny, slick exterior.  The newly polished exterior stays hydrophobic after your one-time application for water beading so immaculate, dirt is captured with the beads for a self-cleaning effect not possible in other coats.

Ceramic coating vs. Wax

Ceramic coating lasts significantly longer than wax and offers more protection in more areas than even the most advanced waxing methods.  With three times the hardness of lesser clear coats, Ceramic coating can defend your car against:

While normal clear coat has a hardness rating of just 2H to 4H, Ceramic coating boasts a 9H rating for superior coverage you can’t find in waxes, clear coats, or sealants.  Boost the integrity of your paint and your vehicle with ceramic coating from Prestige Auto Detailing today!